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An analysis of joyce carol oatess where are you going where have you been

Letocetum The earliest evidence of settlement is Mesolithic flints discovered on the high ground of the cemetery at St Michael on Greenhillwhich may indicate an early flint industry. Traces of Neolithic settlement have been discovered on the south side of the sandstone ridge occupied by Lichfield Cathedral.

Established in AD 50 as a Roman military fortress, it had become a civilian settlement vicus with a bath house and a mansio by the 2nd century.

An analysis of joyce carol oatess where are you going where have you been

There have been scattered Romano-British finds in Lichfield and it is possible that a burial discovered beneath the cathedral in was Romano-British. Middle Ages[ edit ] The three-spired Lichfield Cathedral was built between and The early history of Lichfield is obscure.

The first authentic record of Lichfield occurs in Bede 's history, where it is called Licidfelth and mentioned as the place where St Chad fixed the episcopal see of the Mercians in The burial in the cathedral of the kings of Mercia, Wulfhere in and Ceolred infurther increased the city's prestige.

During the 9th century, Mercia was devastated by Danish Vikings. Lichfield itself was unwalled and the cathedral was despoiled, so Bishop Peter moved the see to the fortified and wealthier Chester in At the time of the Domesday Book surveyLichfield was held by the bishop of Chester ; Lichfield was listed as a small village.

The Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield had seats in both locations; work on the present Gothic cathedral at Lichfield began in In the see of Lichfield acquired independent status, and the style 'Bishop of Lichfield' was adopted.

Bishop Roger de Clinton was responsible for transforming the scattered settlements to the south of Minster Pool into the ladder-plan streets existing today. Bishop de Clinton also fortified the cathedral close and enclosed the town with a bank and ditch, and gates were set up where roads into the town crossed the ditch.

The Reformation brought the disappearance of pilgrim traffic following the destruction of St Chad's shrine inwhich was a major loss to the city's economic prosperity. That year too the Franciscan Friary was dissolved, the site becoming a private estate.

Further economic decline followed the outbreak of plague inwhich resulted in the death of over a third of the entire population. The last public burning at the stake in England took place in Lichfield, when Edward Wightman from Burton upon Trent was executed by burning in the Market Place on 11 April for promoting himself as the divine Paraclete and Saviour of the world.

Johnson in Lichfield's Market Square "The Doctor's statue, which is of some inexpensive composite painted a shiny brown, and of no great merit of design, fills out the vacant dulness of the little square in much the same way as his massive personality occupies—with just a margin for Garrick —the record of his native town.

The cathedral authorities, supported by some of the townsfolk, were for the king, but the townsfolk generally sided with the Parliament. This led to the fortification of the close in Lichfield's position as a focus of supply routes had an important strategic significance during the war, and both forces were anxious for control of the city.

The Parliamentary commander Lord Brooke led an assault on the fortified close, but was killed by a deflected bullet on St Chad's day inan accident welcomed as a miracle by the Royalists. The close subsequently yielded to the Parliamentarians, but was retaken by Prince Rupert of the Rhine in the same year; on the collapse of the Royalist cause in it again surrendered.

The cathedral suffered extensive damage from the war, including the complete destruction of the central spire. Lichfield started to develop a lively coaching trade as a stop-off on the busy route between London and Chester from the s onwards, making it Staffordshire's most prosperous town.

An analysis of joyce carol oatess where are you going where have you been

In the 18th century, and then reaching its peak in the period from —, the city thrived as a busy coaching city on the main routes from London to the north-west and Birmingham to the north-east. It also became a centre of great intellectual activity, being the home of many famous people including Samuel JohnsonDavid GarrickErasmus Darwin and Anna Seward ; this prompted Johnson's remark that Lichfield was "a city of philosophers".

In the s Daniel Defoe described Lichfield as 'a fine, neat, well-built, and indifferent large city', the principal town in the region after Chester. Also during this time, the city's infrastructure underwent great improvements, with underground sewerage systems, paved streets and gas-powered street lighting.

In it became the 38th Regiment of Foot, and in the 1st Staffordshire Regiment ; after reorganisation in it became the 1st battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment.

While nearby Birmingham and its population expanded greatly during the Industrial Revolution, Lichfield remained largely unchanged in character. The first council houses were built in the Dimbles area of the city in the s. The outbreak of World War II brought over 2, evacuees from industrialised areas.

However, due to the lack of heavy industry in the city, Lichfield escaped lightly, although there were air raids in and and three Lichfeldians were killed. After the war the council built many new houses in the s, including some high-rise flats, while the late s and early s saw the construction of a large housing estate at Boley Park in the south-east of the city.

An analysis of joyce carol oatess where are you going where have you been

The city's population tripled between and the late s. The city has continued expanding to the west. The Darwin Park housing estate has been under development for a number of years and has swelled the city's population by approximately 3, The police station, bus station, Ford garage and multi-storey car park will be demolished to make way for 22, m2 of retail space and 2, m2 of leisure facilities, consisting of a flagship department store, six-screen cinema, hotel, 37 individual shops and 56 flats.

It was not untilwith Edward VI's charter, that Lichfield had any form of secular government. As a reward for the support given to Mary I by the bailiffs and citizens during the Duke of Northumberland's attempt to prevent her accession, the Queen issued a new charter inconfirming the charter and in addition granting the city its own Sheriff.

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The same charter made Lichfield a county separate from the rest of Staffordshire. It remained so until Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Official Report of Debates (Hansard) Ontario Department of Lands and Forests: Resource Management Report Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal Annual Reports my_virtual_library Ontario Sessional Papers Report of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board Ontario Fish and Wildlife Review.

In Joyce Carol Oates's, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” the problem of supernatural evil is the theme of the story. Oates uses a supernatural figure of evil to illustrate this theme.

Arnold Friend, is the devil. His victim is Connie, an average teenage girl, who is vain%(4). Not the form you were looking for? Search. Rate This Form. Satisfied. Votes. Keywords. I confirm that I have been made aware of, and understand all of the following information Unit 1, Second Formative Assessment Joyce Carol Oatess Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Directions: Use this chart. FULTON COUNTY INDIANA. HANDBOOK. Schools P-Z. By. Wendell C. and John B. Tombaugh Later when Ruth Waechter was teaching at Prairie Union and I was going to high school in Akron, she asked me to come to school and be Santa Claus at the Christmas party.

The programs have been recitations by former pupils, cake walks, spelling bees. It is perhaps an understatement to say that the character Connie in Joyce Carol Oates’s short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” has a lot of issues. Oates has provided the perfect character to undergo a healthy dose of psychoanalytic criticism.

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