Analysis of consumer behavior quotes

Consumer behaviour captures all the aspect of purchase, utility and disposal of products and services. In groups and organization are considered within the framework of consumer.

Analysis of consumer behavior quotes

Mand Directly Effective A child comes into the kitchen where a mother is, and says: The mother opens the refrigerator and gives the child milk. Feature of the physical environment Tact Social A child looks out of the window, turns to his mother and says: One must keep in mind, however, that almost all verbal behavior does not consist of these "pure" operants, but of a mixture of them.

He notes that form alone is not sufficient he uses the example of "fire! Classification depends on knowing the circumstances under which the behavior is emitted.

Skinner then notes that the "same response" may be emitted under different operant conditions. Even though any instance of verbal behavior can be shown to be a function of variables in one or more of these classes, there are other aspects to be treated.

What is 'Behavioral Economics'

Such a formulation permits us to apply to verbal behavior concepts and laws which emerge from a more general analysis" p. Multiple causation[ edit ] Skinner notes in this chapter how any given response is likely to be the result of multiple variables.

Secondly, that any given variable usually affects multiple responses. Combining audiences produces differing tendencies to respond. Issues of multiple control, and involving many of the elementary operants stated in previous chapters are discussed.

New combinations of fragmentary responses[ edit ] A special case of where multiple causation comes into play creating new verbal forms is in what Skinner describes as fragmentary responses.

Such combinations are typically vocal, although this may be due to different conditions of self-editing rather than any special property. Such mutations may be "nonsense" and may not further the verbal interchange in which it occurs. Freudian slips may be one special case of fragmentary responses which tend to be given reinforcement and may discourage self-editing.

This phenomenon appears to be more common in children, and in adults learning a second language.

Analysis of consumer behavior quotes

Fatigue, illness and insobriety may tend to produce fragmentary responding. Autoclitic An autoclitic is a form of verbal behavior which modifies the functions of other forms of verbal behavior.

For example, "I think it is raining" possesses the autoclitic "I think" which moderates the strength of the statement "it is raining". Autoclitic frames help for rapid learning of new verbal behavior and the building of rules.

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It may have been inadequately learned, as in a foreign language. Repeating a formula, reciting a poem, and so on. The techniques are manipulating stimuli, changing the level of editing, the mechanical production of verbal behavior, changing motivational and emotional variables, incubation, and so on.

Skinner gives an example of the use of some of these techniques provided by an author. Logical and scientific[ edit ] The special audience in this case is one concerned with "successful action".

Special methods of stimulus control are encouraged that will allow for maximum effectiveness. Skinner notes that "graphs, models, tables" are forms of texts that allow for this kind of development.

Analysis of consumer behavior quotes

The logical and scientific community also sharpens responses to assure accuracy and avoiding distortion. Little progress in the area of science has been made from a verbal behavior perspective; however, suggestions of a research agenda have been laid out.


A headache is an example of a private event and a car accident is an example of a public event. The tacting of private events by an organism is shaped by the verbal community who differentially reinforce a variety of behaviors and responses to the private events that occur Catania,p.Understanding consumer behavior is a broad and complicated task, but with the right research mix you can begin to get a detailed understanding of your customers and their motivations.

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