Chronic diesease essay

Among the most tragic victims are those whose lives are consumed by chronic, intractable pain. Although narcotics can frequently help, they are typically avoided or given at inadequate levels. A number of factors are involved, including the fear of patient addiction and the threat of disciplinary action f or overprescribing.

Chronic diesease essay

These performance measures allow organizations to Chronic diesease essay yearly quality improvement outcomes in the management of chronic diseases.

As a nurse engaged in advanced practice, you may find yourself at the forefront of prevention and care management efforts. Review the National Committee for Quality Assurance report, presented in the Learning Resources, and examine current trends and measures associated with at least two chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases and health promotion

This information will form the basis for this Discussion. Review examples of measures that address the management of chronic diseases for an inpatient setting that might not be relevant in an outpatient setting.

Be sure to explore the companion metrics that influence a patients ability to manage chronic disease. Consider how these metrics facilitate change and improve the management of chronic disease. Examine the efficiency of current automated trigger systems for managing patient safety.

Chronic diesease essay

How do these automated trigger systems help improve quality of health care, patient education, and management of chronic illnesses? Write a one page cohesive response that addresses the following: Compare the quality metrics for managing chronic diseases that apply to your practice setting to those metrics that apply to a different practice setting i.

Evaluate how these quality metrics facilitate change and improve the management of chronic disease. Take a stance on the efficiency of current automated trigger systems to help manage patient safety. Do you believe these to be proactive or reactive responses when educating patients on disease management?

Read a selection of your colleagues postings. Required Resources This page contains the Learning Resources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of this weeks assigned Learning Resources.

Chronic diesease essay

National Committee for Quality Assurance. The state of health care quality: Reform, the quality agenda and resource use. The findings cover several categories including safety and potential waste, wellness and prevention, and chronic disease management. NCQA-approved practice a test for value-based care.

Modern Healthcare, 41 11 In this article, an oncology practice is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Although the practice has seen a decrease in patients due to cost increases, the quality of care has increased significantly.

The practice is serving as a model for other oncology practices. Costliest care not the best, says NCQA report.

Chronic Disease Essay

Modern Healthcare, 40 42 This article analyzes the findings of the National Committee for Quality Assurances State of Health Care Quality report and concludes that there is no correlation between spending and quality within health care organizations.Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a transmissible neurological disease that affects deer and elk.

In affected animals the disease creates small lesions in the brain and causes loss of body condition, behavioral abnormalities and death.

According to Dr. Josef Coresh of Johns Hopkins University, one of the project's leaders, chronic kidney disease is a spectrum disease and at each stage, people experience different complications-- from stroke and hypertension to infections and acute kidney disease.

Health and Chronic Disease Management - NUR SEE REAL EXAMPLES OF HEALTH AND CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS The following free examples are provided to give students real life examples of research papers and presentations. Chronic Kidney Disease Academic Essay Chronic Kidney Disease Application: Chronic Kidney Disease According to the National Kidney Foundation, 26 million adults in the United States have chronic kidney disease with millions of others at risk (National Kidney Foundation, ).

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Essay on Kidney Disease and Risk of Periodontal Disease Kidney disease is any disease or disorder the affects the normal functioning of the kidneys. One of the more common kidney diseases is the renal failure which is the condition where the kidneys fail to function adequately and properly.

Chronic liver disease is a medical situation which involves gradual and continuous destruction and regeneration of the liver cells leading to fibrosis and cirrhosis. Chronic liver disease often results from damage to various parts of the liver.

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