Dang thai son

Once the oil is shimmering, add squash, onion, garlic, curry paste, coriander, cumin, salt and red pepper flakes to skillet. Cook, stirring occasionally, until onion is translucent, about 8 to 10 minutes.

Dang thai son

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Times had a series of articles on newly revealed U. How do you respond to those new US atrocities? But before you read on Bill Laurie's well researched article, let's check out some documentary pictures and a few "samples" of Viet Cong-terror.

But keep in mind, long before the word "Al-Qaeda" became Dang thai son household name, the Viet Cong had been a forerunner of the "mother of all terrorism! Mining of the road was in retaliation for an Allied operation guarding harvesting of the rice crop.

The area has had to import tons of rice monthly because the Viet Cong controlled the major portion of the crop. The first explosion, with left a three-meter crater in the road and threw the large bus into a canal, killed 27 farmers on their way to work in fields near Tuy Hoa. Eleven others were injured.

A three-wheel bus, loaded with men, women, and children, touched off the second mine with killed 20 and wounded seven. Another three-wheel bus set off the third mine, which killed 7.

Dang thai son

It was the most serious incident involving mines since early when 22 Vietnamese women and children were killed when their bus struck a mine planted by the Viet Cong.

Between and midaccording to figures released by the Dang thai son Control Commission, at least 54, civilians in the South have been killed, wounded, or kidnapped. A local defense force of 54 men gave ground before the estimated uniformed communists.

According to the survivors, the VC ranged up and down the hamlet streets, systematically burning more than half the thatched homes of the community.

Two defenders were killed, four wounded and three are missing. Other Viet Cong threw hand grenades into holes where families were covered.

Thank you for sharing with us the documental pictures and for your dedicated service in Vietnam. Terrorist bombs shattered a floating restaurant on the Saigon river here tonight and killed at least 29 persons, including eight Americans.

Two big explosions sounded almost simultaneously from the river bank. Witnesses said they believed that as many as 50 persons may have died in the crowded restaurant, the My Canh, and on the riverside boulevard nearby. Police said that 17 of the dead were Caucasians, and presumably most of these were Americans.

Of six Viet Namese dead in the initial count, most were women. A United States military spokesman said the dead included five U. He said 30 persons injured were targeted at American installations.

One hundred or more persons were wounded The explosions at the My Canh occurred at 8: One was caused by a powerful shaped charge - possibly an American-made Claymore electric mine - planted in the bank of the river.

The Claymore explodes in the direction it is pointed. The restaurant which is moored about 25 feet from the bank, has an entry over a gang-plank leading from the waterfront street. It is patronized mostly by Americans and wealthy Vietnamese. A second blast, which investigators believed was caused by a bomb mounted on a bicycle went off at a tobacco stall on the bank next to the restaurant.

Investigators assumed that the explosions were placed in advance and timed to explode at the peak of the dinner hour on a weekend night. The restaurant was crowded and its glass walls were crushed under the haul of fragments. Victims were carried to a number of Saigon hospitals and authorities had difficulty in compiling casualty lists.

The riverfront normally is thronged with strollers seeking cool breezes in the early part of the night. Women walking with the children were among the casualties.

At least one American woman was believed to have been killed. The dead and wounded were scattered in a wide arc In sheer power the blasts were exceeded by several others, including the bombing last Christmas eve of an officers hotel and the bombing in March of the United States Embassy.

Although Viet Namese police patrol the Saigon waterfront, the My Canh restaurant has not been regarded as a likely prime terrorist target.

There were no American military police near the establishment when the blasts occurred. The scene is about yards from the U.Order online!


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