Flooding impact ledc and medc

What impact would flood have on people?

Flooding impact ledc and medc

Quick revise Hurricanes A Hurricane is a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. It has a wind of force 12 on the Beaufort scale equal to or exceeding 64 knots or 74 mph.

No evacuation plan was possible in Honduras and the emergency management organisations were very differently sourced. The clip highlights the fact that victims of 'natural' disasters are predominantly poor. She meets up with an expert, Josh Wurman, to show how the physics of Earth's unstable atmosphere form tornados, but only when the conditions are right.

Drought Drought occurs when there is a lack of rainfall over a long period of time, resulting in water shortages for groups of people, activities or the environment.

Droughts have a significant impact on agriculture and can harm the economy. Causes of lack of rain Flooding impact ledc and medc vapour needs to rise high through the atmosphere in order to condense and bring about rain. However, in areas of high pressure, with the air subsides, water vapour does not rise and no rain or clouds will form.

When the high pressure stays in an area for a prolonged length of time the result is drought. Mountains affect the movement of air too.

Air carrying water vapour will rise higher in order to pass over to the windward side of a mountain. As the air rises it cools causing water vapour to condense bringing about precipitation and when reaching the other side of the mountain it has lost most of its water vapour.

The leeward side of a mountain is warmer and drier and in some cases a desert. If there are long periods of no rain, the land can become extremely dry leading to plants dying, crops failing and possibly even animals dying.

During this time, humans are often forced to stop using hose pipes due to a lack of water. Floods a large amount of persistent rain rapid thawing of snow a combination of high tides and high river levels In periods of heavy rain, many areas often flood.

This leads to crops being ruined and extensive damage to buildings. Storm surges Storm surges are caused by strong winds and low air pressure. When pressure decreases by one millibar, sea level rises by one centimetre. A deep depression, with a central pressure of about mb, causes the sea level to rise half a metre above the level it would have been had pressure been about average mb.

When pressure is above average, sea level correspondingly falls. Storm surges create large waves. The highest waves wash away protective dunes, batter sea walls and break over coastal defences causing flooding.

The greatest surge on record for the North Sea as a whole occurred on 31 January and 1 February Thunderstorms Most thunderstorms are associated with towering clouds known as cumulonimbus. The right conditions for the formation of a thunderstorm are unstable air and a mechanism for causing air to rise.

While air is rising it is said to be unstable. This instability is the result of a rapid fall of temperature with height, as well as a considerable amount of moisture in the air. This process may because by a warm surface; the air near the surface being forced to rise over higher ground or instability within a weather front.

For example, on a summer's day, the land is warmed by the sun, and as the air just above becomes warmer it starts to rise. As it rises it cools, and, if cooled sufficiently, cumulus clouds form at the condensation level.

These small, white puffy clouds grow larger and larger as the temperature of the ground increases, causing more warm air to rise.Case Study o flooding in an LEDC – Bangladesh Human causes: deforestation in the head water areas due to the increasing populations of Nepal and Tibet, as well as .

LEDC: Bangladesh Between July-September , Bangladesh suffered one of its worse ever floods. Despite flooding being common in this country, the floods of were particularly severe resulting in over deaths and 30 million people being made homeless POSITIVE EFFECTS OF FLOODING It is important to remember that whilst flooding .

flooding April 13 thth Two case studies, one from an LEDC and the other from an MEDC to illustrate the causes, effects and management of river flooding. an LEDC and an MEDC. April 25 The relationship between population structure (and birth rates and death rates) and .

Extracts from this document Introduction. The term 'rural' is defined as an area that has a population of people or less.

There are many problems facing rural areas in today's world.

Flooding impact ledc and medc

Study 63 Physical Case Studies flashcards from yusrah k. on StudyBlue. Causes and impact of Flooding - MEDC case study 2; Causes and impact of Flooding - LEDC case study 2; Flood Management Strategies; Background: Billed as the 'Great flood of ', this flood was the worst natural disaster in the United States since the Mississippi flooded in Heavy snowfall over the winter of /3, coupled with .

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