Free match making games

Practice and learn new tricks, and beat your friends next time you play! Treasurelandia - Pocket Pirates Join the pirate crew on their puzzle-adventure through Treasurelandia! Match 3 jewels or more to create explosive combinations. Watch out for tar, fire cannonballs, and use the skeleton key to unlo

Free match making games

Connect 2 Matching Game Connect 2 Matching Game - Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a clear path between them, and clear all the tiles before time runs out. It will also test your eyesight! Intially, you should try to find some pairs side-by-side to help free up much-needed space, and to create a direct path between other pairs of items, ensuring that the path is not blocked by any other tiles.

A maximum of two turns is possible per path. The path must be in straight lines, or with right angles, but cannot bend more than 2 times.

A level is cleared when you match up all picture images. If you run out of moves, its game over.

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You must clear all the pictures against the clock. A wrong move loses you 10 seconds, and a correct move gains an extra 10 seconds. There are 6 stages, each with a different time frame and pictures. Left Click on the matching tiles to connect them.

If you get stuck, you can use a Hint. You have 3 Hints in total. Candy Crush Candy Crush in an online matching game phenomenon that has taken the web by storm. Test your concentration, observation and decision-making skills as you scope out the match that will yield the highest points return.

Your reactions and reflexes need to be quick, as the clock is ticking at all times. Are you sweet to start? Bubbles Shooter Bubbles Shooter is an easy-to-play multi-colored bubble shooting and matching game for little kids.

It helps to exercise and develop your color matching and action planning skills.

Free match making games

You have to fire a colored bubble and hit two or more adjoining bubbles of the same color, in order to match 3 and make them disappear from the game screen to score points! You aim and fire a crossbow, and need to be ninja-style exact!

This is highly addicting entertainment! Your goal here however, is to not let the colored bubbles reach the bottom of the game screen. Good luck Bubble Blaster! Your goal in each level is to piece together an ancient Arabian Artifact precious treasure by dropping it off the matching grid.

You can do this by matching 3 tiles or more if you can around it to eject it from the bottom of the playing grid. Once you do this, the matched items disappear. Keep matching the items around the pieces of the Artifact to free it up and drop it off the bottom of the grid.

Once you have collected all 3 pieces of the Artifact, the level is complete.

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This game is ideal for any Match 3 enthusiasts, and will really test your quick reaction skills - as there is a clock ticking on each level.

Collect power-ups as you progress to help you along the way. What makes this game unique from other matching games is the cool Arabian ambiance — which is just like the movie Aladdin!

It allows you to develop logical thinking and helps you to understand how to fit all the pieces located at the top and make them fir into the yellow marked area. Connect Animals 2 Connect Animals 2 is a fun online matching game for kids from the same series that brought you the popular Connect Creatures.

Your job is very simple - you must help each animal find their match by connecting them together! Connect two of every animal and match your way to glory! In this cool sequel — there are more challenges to be completed and even more animals to connect. There must be a clear path between the two animals before you can connect them.

Once you make a match, those two animals disappear — giving you more space to make further matches. Be careful, because if you get a wrong match — you lose 5 seconds on the clock. This game should help to improve your concentration and observation skills as well as exercising your memory.

This game uses your memory and observation skills. Your challenge is to find matching pictures, or to find the pictures that don't match with others, depending on the game you select. You can choose to play an open pictures or closed pictures game, where you have to select two matching pictures in order to remove them from the board.

If you choose the One Item game, you can select between a game where you have to find one item that doesn't match the theme, or a game where you have to select the item that has never appeared before.Fish Match 3 - Match 3 Games Free Free Fish Match 3 Lite is the fun match-3 game, Create matchs of 3 or more in a row or column by taping on pieces to timberdesignmag.come: Tilt & Touch.

This month we have some amazing games like Forest Match, My Little City and Treasurelandia - Pocket Pirates. New games are added every Thursday, so check back for all the latest free games online! New games are added every Thursday, so check back for all the latest free games online!

Download and play free Match 3 Games. Match groups of 3 or more items and score big in our fun collection of matching games! Choose and play a matching game on Y8. Play Matching Games on Pair cards that are unknown to you.

Your memory skills are put to action as you can only flip 2 cards or blocks at a time. Valentine Match Game. Description: Match all of the pictures to win. Instructions: Click on the buttons to reveal the pictures. Category: Valentine's Day Games. Note: This game was built with HTML5. It runs on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or .

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