Funnyhouse of a negro

The style of this play is surrealistic, expressionistic, and absurdist.

Funnyhouse of a negro

The scenes are arranged like a dizzying hall of mirrors, recalling both Alain Robbe-Grillet's novels and Heiner Muller's fractured monologues. It's full of delirious repetitions, baroque playacting, and endless amounts of pulled hair. Elizabeth This play is a look into the fragmented psyche of Sarah, a mullato torn up about her half-breed status and family history.

I've written two papers on it, and still feel that I am only beginning to scratch the surface of everything hidden inside this play. Feb 25, Sheila Packa rated it it was amazing This play has a curious structure that works like a long poem.

Funnyhouse of a negro

There are odd and amazing repetitions in structure. The characters are deeply imagined.

Funnyhouse of a Negro |

Feb 07, Maureen Osborne rated it it was amazing Ending was unexpected. As a result went back and read it again because the protagonist at least for me had now changed. Jun 16, Phanesia Pharel rated it it was amazing Complex and amazing race theory. Feb 11, Bonique'a rated it it was amazing I don't know what to say.

This one-act just blew my mind. I have to read it again!!! Dec 22, Sarah Dorothea rated it it was amazing 4.

The plot was great and the idea of how the tragedy was presented was on point! This book is worth the whole nine yards.Adrienne Kennedy’s “Funnyhouse of a Negro” — an expressionistic gem from that stages the fractured psyche of an African-American woman who hates her own ethnicity — has.

Adrienne Kennedy’s “Funnyhouse of a Negro” — an expressionistic gem from that stages the fractured psyche of an African-American woman who . Funnyhouse of a Negro is a modern classic about the student Sarah, a young black woman living in New York City, and her search for her identity in a very complex, warring, and fractured world.

This search is manifested in her many selves: Queen Victoria, the Duchess of Hapsburg, Patrice Lumumba, and Jesus Christ. Funnyhouse of a Negro [Adrienne Kennedy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Drama Characters: 3 male, 5 female Drop & wing Set A Black woman awakens in a phantasmagoric rooming house where she is /5(3).

Funnyhouse of a Negro. KC MeltingPot Theatre. Collin Fewell as Funnyhouse Man. Jabrelle Herbin as Queen Victoria Regina. Robert Coppage as Patrice Lumumba. Robert Coppage as Negro Sarah. Melonnie Walker as Duchess of Hapsburg. Warren Deckert as Jesus.

Carol Leighton as The Mother. Laura Jacobs as Funnyhouse Lady. Melonnie . Although “Funnyhouse of a Negro” is definitely a piece dealing with race and issues of identity, I completely agree with Nic, when you say that it is also a piece about truth, and what should or shouldn’t be believed.

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