Have parents given too much freedom

A focus on "freedom" can lead parents to neglect to give kids enough information and feedback. It was the story of a divorce, and of a judge ordering that the child should go to school, because the father wasn't in favor of unschooling.

Have parents given too much freedom

Top of Page — November 3, — My year-old son is an excellent student. He's a junior and gets all A's in school. School comes easily for him, so he does not have to work very hard for those A's. He also has a part-time job on the weekends and plays travel soccer. I have a lot to be thankful for.

At the same time, we have caught him smoking marijuana and drinking on several occasions. This seems to be common among the friends he hangs out with and even condoned by their parents.

My husband and I have had a zero tolerance policy as far as drugs and alcohol usage for our children and when we have caught our son using we have grounded him and attempted to talk through why he's doing it and why we don't want him to.

What we are experiencing now is a lot of anger about his situation. He is just about to come off of six weeks of being at home on weekends other than work and is really angry when we try to talk about what happened to initiate this grounding.

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We have wanted to see a counselor as a family as well as individually, but scheduling is often a problem, and he can't seem to get past his anger at us. When parents get together and figure out a plan, that can be more effective than one family setting rules.

In addition to talking to other parents, you and your husband might focus on making rules that your son can realistically keep, such as never driving after drinking or smoking marijuana and not letting their friends drive who have been doing so.

Top of Page — October 21, — My year-old daughter is my life. We were so close when she was growing up. I divorced her father after 18 years of marriage. He is a bad alcoholic and was not intimate with me for 12 years.

Parents Should Not Put Too Much Pressure on Kids

But I went about it the wrong way. I fell in love with another man who I married. My ex and I are still friends. My husband does everything for both of my daughters—he loves them like they were his own.

He has no children.

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He has put both of my girls through college. My oldest is my saving grace—has a great job, just a great kid. My youngest, 22, will not respond to me at all. When I try to go to NYC to see her she treats me like she hates me.

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I love her so much. I can't have a happy life until I get my baby back. My husband sends us to Florida every April and I can't do this anymore. I have an anxiety disorder and a month before we go I start getting so nervous. I adore her so much, she is and always will be my baby.

I feel like when she graduates I will never see her again.Mar 30,  · "Parents have a hard time making the transition from the preteen years, where it has been more helpful to be hands-on, toward increasing autonomy and stepping back," Griffin said.

Some kids have too much freedom these days, and some are living the lives like I did.

Have parents given too much freedom

It's about 50/50 to answer your question. Answer ITs not too much freedom that the teenage has, its the lack of parental guidance and discipline. Apr 28,  · Children today have less freedom than previous generations, as risk-averse parents make them wait two years longer than they did to go outside on their own.

Aug 19,  · Historically, children have always had more freedom than they do today. In agricultural societies, they were often assigned adult chores, put in charge of caring for younger siblings, and given free run of the timberdesignmag.com: Resolved.

Parents control the supply lines. From the selections you offer, let them choose what to eat and how much of it they want. This may seem like a little too much freedom.

But if you follow step 1, your kids will be choosing only from the foods you buy and serve. I also think you can give your kids freedom and be a parent at the same time without depriving them of being teenagers. You do your best and hope for the best. I hear of many cases where parents were too strict and there kids were very rebellious.

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