One hand washes the other essay help

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One hand washes the other essay help

Illegal Immigration Abstract With millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States and at least half a million being able to gain access into the country annually, it is no doubt that they have an extensive effect on the country.

It has been argued that illegal immigrants put a strain on the economy of the country and can be a social nuisance. They also have a major influence on the various decisions and policies that are made in the country. Whether the net effect of illegal immigration is positive or negative is still subject to debate.

Introduction This paper shall begin by looking at the definition of illegal immigration. Then the various effects that illegal immigration has on the United States of America U.

These effects include social effects, economic effects, political effects, environmental effects among others. Illegal immigration can be defined as disobeying the immigration rules of a destined country by disregarding the right protocol of moving into that country. It involves crossing international political borders through water, land, and air improperly.

Illegal immigrants are sometimes referred to as aliens. Most of the illegal immigrants to the U. S have two popular ways of entering the country. The first is through crossing the U.

S Mexico border, the other is through over staying their visas.

Most of the illegal immigrants in the U. S are from Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa.

one hand washes the other essay help

The effects of immigration are felt more intensely in states where large numbers of immigrants have settled in relation to others. Such states include New Jersey and California.

Illegal immigration impacts the Nation and the lives of the natives in different ways and to different degrees depending on their social status and interests.

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Some of the criminal activities that are largely associated with illegal immigrants include dealing with drugs such as heroin and marijuana. Also, there is stealing of identities. When the government introduced new laws demanding employers not deliberately hire illegal immigrants inillegal immigrants began stealing identification documents and social security numbers from U.

S citizens to enable them get work. The unique thing about identity theft in comparison to other types of crimes is that it is usually not carried out singly but in association with other crimes such as financial crimes like credit card theft.

Also, those who steal the documents utilize them to try and get permanent residency and acquire other privileges that are due to U. The acceleration of identity crime in the last couple of years has been attributed to the advancement in technology.

For instance the internet has increased the amount of personal information that can be accessed illegally. However, in most instances crimes committed by illegal immigrants go unreported.

Social utilities The government usually has to bear the costs of illegal immigrants when they utilize social services.

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In relation to citizens, most illegal immigrants heavily rely on government social services such as schools. On the other hand, they do not utilize other government services as much such as health insurance.

This is due to poverty and in trying to avoid leaving behind a trail which can be followed by legal authorities. This could lead to loss of lives in case of accidents according to Smith, Edmonston 6 Trafficking and exploitation Some parts of the U.

S border are very remote, and can sometimes be used by immigrants to smuggle people and controlled substances into the U. About 50, 00 people are smuggled into the U. S every year with most of them coming from Asia and former Soviet Union.German - Fleischmann, Karel: Eine Hand wäscht die andere (Essay) English - Fleischmann, Karel: One hand washes the other (essay) Czech - Fleischmann, Karel: Jedna ruka druhou myje (úvaha) Archival Context.

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