Pemenang sea write award 2012 presidential election

A current Senator to the 14th Congress of the Philippines, he served as former Representative of the 2nd District of the province of Tarlac to the 11th, 12th, and 13th Congress of the Philippines

Pemenang sea write award 2012 presidential election

Basuki Cahaya Purnama; Chinese: Education[ edit ] Basuki attended Trisakti Universitymajoring in mineral resources and technology.

pemenang sea write award 2012 presidential election

He graduated with a bachelor of science degree in geological engineering in and returned to his hometown in Belitung to build a company that dealt in mining contracts. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

Nicolas Sean, Natania, and Daud Albeneer. He contested the East Belitung regent election with Khairul Effendi as his running mate and was elected with He was hopeful Indonesia was breaking with its long and often violent history of prejudice and resentment.

He is nicknamed "The Father" and "The Law" for strong actions against corruption. He mediated a minimum wage increase, proposed incentives for street vendors to move to designated markets in order to reduce congestion, migrated poor villagers to new flats, launched sudden inspections of government offices, and proposed installing closed circuit cameras to improve accountability.

He later credited former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahidfor convincing him to run for public office. He was elected withvotes, [18] and was assigned to the Second Commission. He was recorded by the local media condemning local tin mining businesses for causing environmental damage. InBasuki considered running for Jakarta governor as an independent candidate.

However, he opted not to run, as he was pessimistic about his chances of receivingsignatures, a requirement for running as an independent gubernatorial candidate in Jakarta. Jokowi and Basuki won 1, Governorship — [ edit ] When Joko Widodo took a temporary leave from his post as Jakarta governor to campaign for President, Basuki became the acting Governor of Jakarta from 1 June to 22 July Jakarta gubernatorial election, Basuki initially had declared to run for the Jakarta gubernatorial election as an independent candidate with Teman Ahok Friends of Ahoka group of volunteers responsible for collecting over one million Resident Identity Cardsrepresenting over one million supporters required by Indonesian law to be eligible to run from independent ticket.

During the gubernatorial campaign, he was regularly targeted by ultra-conservatives and supporters of rival candidates for being of Chinese descent. This controversial comment was considered to hearken back to previous violence against the Indonesian Chinese.

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Petitions initiated by alumni of HarvardStanfordWashingtonBerkeleyMichiganetc and the general public supporting him garnered tens of thousands of signatures, [39] while those criticizing him also gained tens of thousands of signatures.

He also pointed out that during his September 7 speech in the Thousand Islands in which he mentioned Surah al-Maidah, verse 51 of the Quran, the residents were not insulted, and even amused during his recitation.

He said the verse is part of the Koran, and that anyone who quotes it should not have any intent of deception. The judges took into consideration a book Basuki had written in titled Changing Indonesia. His book was judged as proof that he understood the verse in question.

In an unusual move, the prosecutors filed an appeal against the verdict, arguing the sentence was much heavier than the 1-year imprisonment they had requested. The verdict delivered by the panel of judges was met with scrutiny, condemnation and heavy criticism by many Indonesians and observers in the international community, in a case widely seen as a test of religious tolerance and free speech.

Many said the verdict was politically driven, retaliatory in nature, and the judges had succumbed to pressure from: The promotion of three judges from the panel a few days after the verdict also raised suspicions and spurred criticism from many Indonesians.

Several civil society groups protested his imprisonment. Renowned music composer and conductor Addie MS conducted a singing protest in front of the Balai Kota.

Many observers and individuals both inside and outside of Indonesia have also petitioned the Indonesian government to amend the blasphemy law on the basis that it is discriminatory and targets minorities.

Ahok is scheduled to be released in early because of a parole at the Indonesian Independence day.The United States presidential election in Connecticut took place on November 6, , as part of the General Election in which all 50 states plus The District of Columbia participated. Thus, the presidential election is really an amalgamation of separate and simultaneous state elections instead of a single national election run by the federal government.

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Like any other election in the United States, the eligibility of an individual for voting is set out in the Constitution and regulated at state level. In a speech delivered at the National Press Club on October 11, , Francis W.

pemenang sea write award 2012 presidential election

Riechelderfer, the head of the U.S. Weather Bureau, said he could “imagine the possibility someday of exploding a. He wrote more than one hundred cover stories and in won a National Magazine Award.

He wrote Newsweek’s fifty-thousand-word election specials in , , (winner of a National Magazine Award), and Sep 20,  · Recently nominated for a Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, THE SIMPSONS exploded into a cultural phenomenon in and has remained one of the most groundbreaking and innovative.

presidential bid a wide margin in the 8 to 10 December survey conducted by Pulse Asia among 1, respondents in a nationwide pre-election survey, with 45% while top presidential rival Manny Villar received 23%.

SEA Write Award, Singapore. Yahya Atia. Singapura. Prof. Dr. Ian Van Der Futten. Hamburg University Germany.

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