Read write and think lesson plans for grades 3-5

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Read write and think lesson plans for grades 3-5

An Oral History Writing Workshop online activity Create a Class Quilt 8-inch squares of white or light-colored construction paper markers or collage materials such as photographs or recipes Hole puncher Optional: Sheets of cardboard for reinforcing squares Classroom Geography Large map of the world Yarn in multiple colors Optional: Double-sided tape or another way to temporarily attach photos to the map display Hall of Fame and Music From Around the World Reference materials from the library or online sources During Instruction Set Up Depending on the grade level and maturity level of each class, activities can be facilitated as independent work, collaborative group work, or whole-class instruction.

If a computer is available for each student, guide students to the activities either through printed URLs on handouts or on the board.

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If you are working in a lab, set up the computers to be on the desired websites as students walk into class. If there are fewer computers than students, group the students by reading level. Assign each student a role: If there are more than three students per computer, you can add roles like a team leader, a team reporter, etc.

If you are working in a learning station in your classroom, break your class into different groups.


Have rotating groups work on the computer sread printed background information, hold smaller group discussions, write first drafts of their scrapbook, etc. You may also want to create a special display for your classroom library in honor of Immigration.

Be sure to keep a shelf available for students' oral history scrapbooks! Lesson Directions Activity 1: Ellis Island Interactive Tour 1—2 days Step 1: Explain to students that everyone living in the United States has an immigrant past, with the exception of Native Americans. Over the last few centuries, millions of people have made their way to America.

Some people, like slaves, came unwillingly. But most immigrants were drawn by the promise of greater freedom and opportunity.

Write the word "immigration" on the board or a piece of chart paper, as well as its definition. Give students various examples of immigration.

Use personal stories if possible.

read write and think lesson plans for grades 3-5

Invite students to share their own examples, ideas, or questions about immigration.Read Write Think - Lesson plans for all grade levels. These lessons are designed to promote reading and literacy, and are appropriate for information skills, reading, and technology lessons.

Encyclopedia Practice for Grades 3 - 5 - a lesson plan . Writers Workshop is a wonderful way to incorporate all of the ELA standards while introducing your students to the love of writing. This best practice unit was created by two kindergarten teachers with over 20 years of classroom experience.

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Free teaching materials and educational resources for elementary teachers. Lesson Plan. Connection ( mins): Reflection: Although this lesson is formulaic, it provides students with the necessary structure to correctly write an introductory paragraph.

Many students lack the structure to write research papers and providing them with a structure will strengthen their writing skills. Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in elementary school grades A lesson p;lan for grades from Read-Write-Think. Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension From Reading Rockets.

Reciprocal Teaching An overview of this strategy to improve reading comprehension. See also Reciprocal Teaching Model Lesson and Reciprocal Revision: Making Peer Feedback Meaningful.

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