Restaurant rating of jollibee

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Restaurant rating of jollibee

The son, Daniel, had taken over the operation and sent father, Allen, off to do other things. Fat Bruce Lee and I were curious to see if the Gordon Ramsay treatment had delivered or fizzled in terms of burger success. We walked into a completely empty restaurant at We were quickly seated and handed a couple of shoddily photocopied order sheets,which oddly made no mention of the name of the restaurant on them.

The formerly sizable and descriptive The Burger Kitchen menu had been stripped down to a couple of items and a fistful of sides and toppings.

We ordered a couple of the 8-ounce beef burgers with American cheese and a couple of sides. Our burgers arrived in about 15 minutes. We did find it especially charming that the manager's girlfriend ran out to her car to get Fat Bruce Lee some Splenda for his iced tea.

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It was unfortunate that the beef was aggressively over-salted. I was forced to dig into the middle of the patty to determine the flavors. What I discovered was a very competent and tasty burger.

The blend delivered a medium note of beef. There was a mild taste of iron. Missing were funk and blood. The beef was juicy and with just enough fat to remind me that it was bad for me The grind was medium. Overall, the beef was better than average, but the seasoning overwhelmed the beef to the point where determining the actual flavors was an academic exercise.

There is no point in belaboring this. Curiously, when I brought this up with The Burger Kitchen's manager, he simply thanked me for my input. And so it goes. The crusty sear from the flat-top was no more. What we got instead was a competent sear from a properly hot gas grill. The sear was satisfying and semi-crisp.

The burgers were competently cooked to the requested Medium. The beef was ground in-house, and it was formed into the 8-ounce patties during shift prep.

Care was clearly taken not to over-manipulate the beef when creating the burger patties.Pete Wells, our restaurant critic; Ligaya Mishan, the author of the Hungry City column; and other New York Times critics review New York restaurants, from four-star dining rooms to neighborhood.

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reviews of Jollibee "I always heard about Jollibee but it was just my first time here. Was so excited and starving!! Got the family meal and the fried chicken was so juicy and soft!

Restaurant rating of jollibee

Omg maybe I was super hungry or something but I felt it. Feb 02,  · Eating at Jollibee for the 1st time, a popular Filipino fast food restaurant! Watch me order and eat the ChickenJoy, Sweet Style Spaghetti, & a Soda! The chicken is crispy & greasy, and the.

Restaurant rating of jollibee

Mar 20,  · This palabok's on a roll! Click here for the Palabok Roll recipe ☛ Jose Garcia QSR: Jollibee Taft (Right on front of One Archers Place) 1) Product Elements D NI S VS E The food in this branch was top notch and would certainly belong to the Jollibee branches of .

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