The infinite race at the flipping of the hourglass

Several crossovers may appear, One Piece is confirmed Rated: The blond haired boy lay there, mouth open in a silent screams as the last of his energy started to wane The Bijuu in the statue were panicking, soon they would be reunited as the Juubi, however they will lose their consciousness in the process.

The infinite race at the flipping of the hourglass

So scroll down and enjoy listed in no particular order! Nothing against the current cast, but this is the era I miss the most. Bobsleigh long-term project Episodes: The bobsleigh project is one of their earlier ones, and one that is often mentioned as a favorite by many.

Their dedication and professionalism to delivering their best during these projects never ceases to amaze me! Too many to list. Basically every two years, from to I am a huge fan of the biannual song festivals and was majorly x bummed that we did not get one last year.

Other than the gem that is Kwon Ji Yong, I greatly enjoy seeing all the various artists at work, and being exposed to artists that may have otherwise never landed on my radar.


The songs are always super catchy, the performances are lit, and the chemistry between partners is out of this world! The song festival comes to mind just for the super adorable push-and-pull relationship between G-Dragon and Hyung Donand HaHa achieving his dream of shamelessly eating at the YG cafeteria.

Muhan Company specials Episodes: The musical —; The movie —; and many more strewn throughout the years. The specials finally culminate in a blockbuster movie with actual A-listers cameo-ing.

Another episode that garnered a lot of praise is the musical episode, which is groundbreaking for the variety world, and gives us beautiful performances by the cast.

Good brothers and quarreling brothers Episodes: This also amps up the awkwardness between them when they meet again a few hours later for the second part of the mission — delivering bags of rubbish and a letter of disappointment!

The crimes and Gil Episodes: During the episode, they bring on actual lawyers to educate the members and go to court with a real judge and stenographer who actually just stares at a turned-off laptop.

And with grievances against each other just flying around, the episode turns out to be both informative and hilarious! The members have to travel as far away as they can within a time limit, believing that it is another hide-and-seek chase. After they all scatter, the production team informs them that the real mission is to reunite, using only telepathy.

And of course, since none of the members have actual telepathic abilities that we know ofthey have to rely on their understanding of each other.

The infinite race at the flipping of the hourglass

It takes a while for all of them to gather, but that only makes the pay-off even more heart-warming and goose-bump inducing.

Introducing my ugly friends 1 Episodes: Legendary 7 princesses Episode: They have to take lessons on etiquette and maintaining their elegance while crossing treadmills. Everything about this episode is hilarious, from their banter, to the visuals, and the full-on slapstick!

Just look at this! They go to a resort apartment decorated with Thai paraphernaliaeat tropical fruits durianand experience painful Thai massages. They are even promised a trip to a water park, which turns out to consist of a hose and a kiddie pool on the rooftop! Desert island 1 Episodes: The six members are left on a deserted island where they have to fend for themselves, including struggling to get up a coconut tree to pick coconuts.

After trying many ways and failing each time, they finally realize there is a shorter coconut tree behind them, one they can easily reach!

Run away with the money bag Episodes:An image tagged whine. I think the unwritten rule online is that we're all free to misspell, but I personally correct people's spelling just to use my Spelling Nazi template.

The infinite race at the flipping of the hourglass

Many people can be good at something. Fewer still can claim to excel.A tiny fraction of those can claim to be masters at it. An absolute handful can claim to be by definition – by the inexorable law of the universe – there can only be one person who is the very pinnacle of his art.

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