The truth about high blood pressure essay

Here is your short essay on Blood Pressure Tabasum Advertisements:

The truth about high blood pressure essay

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The top number of your pressure is Systolic — when the heart contracts to expel blood. The smaller, lower number is Diastolic and is the resting pressure between contractions. There may well be correlation between chronically elevated blood pressure and many causes of death, but the actual pressure may not be the issue at all!

The Mayo Clinic website says: If your arteries are stiff and coated with calcium because of a lack of Vitamin K2 not K1the heart has to pump harder to circulate your blood. The way to reverse these calcium deposits is through proper use of Vitamins D, K2 and A. See a few of my articles and podcasts on the importance of K2 herehere and here.

Suggestions for reversing or preventing high blood pressure

If you overconsume white salt in fast or processed food, your body has to dilute the salt by adding more water to your blood.

Moving greater volumes of watery blood makes the heart pump harder. Diuretics that force the kidneys to excrete fluid are not the answer. Nor is telling patients never to eat salt again. Instead, stop eating fast food and MSG and start using real Himalayan salt.

The body will handle the fluid volume by itself unless you have kidney disease. Hypertension causes hardened arteries….

If calcium lines your arteries they get smaller in diameter and less elastic. K2 and D should be taken together and taken forever.

Yes, I said forever! Sugars such as fructose have nothing to do with it…. Metabolic Syndrome is underneath most cases of hypertension. You can take supplemental magnesium but the real answer is to get your Insulin under control with a grain free sugar-free diet. Only drugs can relax blood vessels….

Most classes of blood pressure meds are meant to stop artery walls from tensing up.

High Blood Pressure Myths and Lies

See 4 for the alternative to these high blood pressure myths. There are many studies implicating cholesterol, but the Cholesterol Myth has been refuted for years.

The truth about high blood pressure essay

Listen to my podcast with Denise Minger to learn more about cholesterol lies. Your numbers are too high….

High Blood Pressure Myths and Lies Tweet NewsTarget Judging by the huge numbers of high blood pressure medications being prescribed today - especially to older adults - high blood pressure seems to have reached epidemic proportions.
Not what you're looking for? In things natural conditions for healthy people blood pressure remains normal within a tight swing between day and night and put a person standing or lying area; but the pressure is increasing while doing sporty muscular activity, or during exposure to the emotions and stress, and often back pressure to normal earlier when relax and the demise of the above-mentioned effects. About high blood pressure:
Here is your short essay on Blood Pressure It can be extremely serious, but normally does not affect how you feel day to day.
Know the truth about blood pressure - High blood pressure, also known as "hypertension," is the number one reason people visit their doctor in the United States. Each year, more than million doctor visits are made for the medical management of this condition.

Blood pressure naturally rises when we are stressed, in motion, tense or angry. The correct way to take your blood pressure is to sit without talking for 3 to 5 minutes, apply the correctly sized cuff to your arm, hold your arm across heart level and keep your body limp like a Raggedy Anne doll.

Racing to your appointment, fuming over wait time and chatting with the nurse guarantee an elevated reading and a prescription for the rest of your life. Uric Acid is irrelevant… Fructose from sugar, agave, corn syrup, sodas and many juices or fruits breaks down into uric acid.

Uric acid inhibits Nitric Oxide in blood vessels. Nitric Oxide helps blood vessels remain elastic. High fructose is directly linked to hypertension for this reason as well as for causing Insulin Resistance.The Truth About High Blood Pressure · September 4, · For the next few days I'm going to post a few videos on the reversal effects of Mediterranean Diet in diabetes.

Telling the truth about high blood pressure So if your blood pressure is found to be /88 (systolic = , diastolic = 88), you are diagnosed as having high blood pressure, according to current definitions.

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The same would be true if your blood pressure was found to . While you are sitting in your seats you are probably wondering if you are at risk for high blood pressure.

According to the American Heart Association, if you're an adult and your blood pressure is higher than /90, you have high blood pressure and are at risk for heart disease, stroke, and .

Hypertension is a terrible word. It is the medical term for high blood pressure, but for most people being told you have “hypertension” means that you are “hyper” and “tense.” This. High Blood Pressure is major health problem affecting the lives of many people. Most people are not aware of the many causes or solutions of high blood pressure.

Causes can range from high sodium diets to high amounts of stress. In modern society, many people live a fast paced lifestyle, which puts.

The truth about high blood pressure essay

– Eye: The simple blood pressure to rise for a long period of simple changes in retinal blood vessels may occur; but the very high blood pressure dangerous parts of the eye marked changes indicate the presence of a dangerous rise in blood pressure must be remedied and treated quickly may occur.

5 High Blood Pressure Myths: Get the Facts