Twenty twenty world cup

Cricketing authorities were looking to boost the game's popularity with the younger generation in response to dwindling crowds and reduced sponsorship.

Twenty twenty world cup

The competition has been played every four years since the inaugural tournament inexcept in and when it was not held because of the Second World War.

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Tournament format The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation s over a period of one month — this phase is often called the Final Competition. A qualification phase, the Preliminary Competition which currently takes place over the preceding three years, is used to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation s.

Both the preliminary and final competitions act as a massive promotion for the game of football and for the host nation s and are therefore wonderful opportunities to help promote values of respect, fair play and discipline to the watching world.

Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament.

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The other winners are Italy, with four titles; Germany, with three wins; Argentina and inaugural winners Uruguay, with two; and England, France, and Spain, with one title each.

Inside the stadiums, a total of 3, spectators attended the 64 matches an average of 49, per match and the third highest aggregate attendance behind USA and Germany There were also over six million people who attended public viewing events in 16 sites across the world: Over three quarters of a million litres of beer were sold in the stadiums andhot dogs were sold in the public catering concessions; many to the half a million international visitors who descended on South Africa.

For South Africathe 20 Centres for campaign was launched, aiming promote public health, education and football in disadvantaged communities across Africa.

A FIFA World Cup also creates resources for many extra development programmes which proved to be beneficial for member associations of FIFA throughout the course of the four-year cycle.ICC World Twenty20 is the international championship of Twenty20 cricket and the possibility that the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup championship is held to play in the year and it is organized by the ICC- the International Cricket Council.

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In this tournament total, 12 teams will participate in the 7th edition of T Twenty20 cricket, sometimes written Twenty, and often abbreviated to T20, is a short form of the professional level, it was originally introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in for the inter-county competition in England and Wales.

In a Twenty20 game the two teams have a single innings each, which is restricted to a maximum of 20 overs. The seventh edition of ICC World Twenty20 is set to be played in Initially there was no schedule for t20 world cup to take place but International Cricket Council found lot of success from world twenty20 championship.

Twenty twenty world cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the international championship of One Day International (ODI) event is organised by the sport's governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), every four years, with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament.

The tournament is one of the world's most viewed sporting events and is considered the "flagship event of the. ICC World Twenty20 Fixtures Posted by: Aman Bansal in ICC World T20 Jun 20, 0 ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is the seventh edition of .

Breakfast Served until am; please ask for the Senior Discount (10%) for ages 60 and over The World Cup Express $ Two eggs cooked to order with 2 strips of bacon, 2 .

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