Why do you think palestinians should

Why does Israel occupy Palestinian land? Framing the question as why Israel occupies Palestine already sets the question as having a certain desired answer and also the lack of a definition for what constitutes "Pale…stine" makes the question difficult to answer.

Why do you think palestinians should

Written by Admin Posted September 27, at But the world seems obsessed with giving them one anyway. The sad truth is that a Palestinian state is not going to bring peace to the region.

Why should Palestinians have the Land of Israel

It is not going to bring an end to the conflict between the Jewish people and the Palestinians. Rather, it is just going to embolden those that desire to see Israel wiped off the map.

You cannot pacify radical jihadists that are obsessed with genocide by giving them land. In addition, if global leaders do try to carve up the land of Israel, that is going to very much upset the Lord God Almighty.

But we live in the last days, and we know that these kinds of things are going to happen. The Palestinians have now submitted their formal request for statehood to the United Nations. In fact, the U. It is just that the U.

But what kind of negotiating position does that put Israel in? Unless Israel plans to give up East Jerusalem, negotiations are never going to work. The Palestinians will just keep insisting on East Jerusalem until the rest of the world finally gives it to them.

Not that the Palestinians should ever be given one inch of land. God gave all of that land to the people of Israel forever. But unfortunately, most of the politicians around the world think that they know better than God does.

The following are 10 reasons why a Palestinian state is a really, really bad idea…. One of them is a terrorist organization.

Why do you think palestinians should

So how can Mahmoud Abbas speak for all of them? You would think that this fact would be reported by the mainstream media, but they have been largely silent about this.

The reality, however, is that a number of key Palestinian organizations are very much against what Abbas is doing. For example, WorldNetDaily recently reported that Hamas has loudly denounced this statehood request…. So if that is the case, then what in the world is creating a Palestinian state actually going to accomplish?

Right now, the Palestinians continually commit acts of terrorism against the Jewish people. The Palestinian Authority is either unwilling or unable to stop this violence. So why would giving the Palestinians a state change anything?

Why do you think palestinians should

The truth is that the poll numbers reveal what is really going on…. Why in the world would the U.There are several reasons that Palestinian put forward as to why they should have a state in all or part of the Land of Israel.

1) Original Inhabitants: This is the strongest case for the. Why should Palestinians have the Land of Israel? Why do Palestinians think they should have the land of Palestine?

Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel

Because their descendants have lived in the area for years. Why should Israelis support a Palestinian state israelis should support a palestinian state because it the right thing to do, if that is what palestinians aspire to. questions of borders & security are relevant, but not mutually exclusive to the one you asked.

Should Palestinians have their own state? 52% Say Yes 48% Say No They have been treated unfairly and are natives to that land I think that the Palestinians deserve this land and that they should get whatever was taken away from them because they were treated unfairly and deserve better!!!!!

Do you think America should have taken. The Palestinians and by extension most Arabs are no longer claiming that Israel should not exist, in fact most Palestinians and Arabs are not against the existence of Israel and this is . The Palestinians and Islam do not want land.

They want the destruction of all western civilization. when looking at history that they have been unusually, even miraculously blessed, even though so horribly persecuted. Why do you think that is?

And if you want to go the Native American reclaiming route, that the Israelite squatters' rights.

Israel's Right to the Land