Why nursing school

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Why nursing school

The more people I talked to about my nursing school headaches, the more I find that so many people struggled during their nursing school years! We each come from different backgrounds and go into nursing school at different phases of our life, so each of our experiences is going to be different than the rest.

But the consensus remains: I say all of this to lead up to an encouragement: I love being a nurse and the multitude of opportunities it presents to me on a Why nursing school basis. Developing all three of these things takes time. No one can tell you how to have good clinical judgment, you just evolve into it, even after you graduate.

Nursing is all about hands-on experience. For many RN programs, the first 8 weeks or so is spent entirely in the classroom. Many nursing students have never had any experience in healthcare. It makes sense to have some level of book knowledge before seeing patients.

Nursing school is as much an excise in teaching you to think critically as it is to educate you on medical conditions and interventions. On many nursing school tests, every answer could be considered correct. Then they give you video, audio, and other versions of knowledge that your instructors might expect you to get from a book.

Every single clinical instructor has a different version of what makes an excellent care plan. The students that got the best scores were the ones that used the nursing diagnosis books NANDAs back in my day and pretty much copied everything word for world.

How is that learning? Nursing school is one of the fastest paths to middle class as even in downturned economies nurses can still often get work. There are quite a few young moms that go to school to earn a degree they can support their family on.

I also knew middle-aged women going to school as a second career choice, and balancing the complicated demands of nursing school with family life is such a challenge. I admire all of you who do that! There are also quite a few men I know who got out of the military and wanted to become nurses, so transitioning to civilian life in addition to nursing school is stressful.

Your Relationships Might End Having a partner that is supportive of your nursing school journey is imperative. I knew of several nursing students that divorced their husbands during or shortly after nursing school. The stress takes a lot out of you and sometimes the strain is too much on an already delicate marriage.

A Few More Reasons…. I could probably go on for days regarding the multitude of reasons why nursing school is so hard.

But allow me to summarize a few more. Some nurses are just plain meanand they like to bully or not be good preceptors during your clinical experiences. Nursing school can be very expensive! So you go to class during the day and then moonlight as a waitress or bartender to make rent and pay for your education.

In Conclusion Nursing school is hard for all the above reasons, and then probably fifty-five more. So, really, why is nursing school so hard for so many of us? All is not lost, however. When you are a practicing RN, you can look back upon your old textbooks and notes and re-learn the information to help you become an even better nurse today!Apr 30,  · Like many nursing schools in the U.S., Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan has also reduced the number of new nursing students it admits despite an ongoing nurse shortage in the U.S.

Why nursing school

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Going back to school to continue your education is always an option since most employers offer education benefits. And when you think you know everything there is to know about nursing, you can even move. Every day on the job nurses use the science they learned in nursing school, and when employed, they take continuing education courses on a regular basis to keep up with the latest in the medical and nursing sciences.

Social Perceptiveness — Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do. Writing. Advice from Students: Why I Chose to Attend Nursing School By Molly Andersen on 05/10/ For some of our students, the decision to pursue a career in nursing was easy.

Professional nurses are in great demand. The nursing field is exciting and offers a variety of interesting challenges along the way. A career in nursing can consist of many components, including emotional support, leadership, physical strength, mental agility and a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment.

Feb 24,  · As someone who is about to complete medical school, and who went through nursing school for a BSN, the knowledge gap between the two is exponential.

Nursing schools are rejecting thousands of applicants -- in the middle of a nursing shortage