Writing ap world history dbq cricket

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Writing ap world history dbq cricket

Cricket The game of cricket between played a very important political role in South Asia. Cricket both strengthened the relationship between Britain and India, and created good social changes. Although, the game weakened the religious and political rivalry according to the different perspectives of ten different sources.

Cricket helped unify and strengthen the relationship between Britain and India. It also provides a moral training, an education in pluck, and nerve, and self restraint.

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In document 6 it showed Kumars opinion on the Indians victory over the English, in what was made the only thing they could compete in. This brought turned cricket into a political battlefield. Each religion could battle it out with a game of cricket and whoever won, would have pride.

In document 10, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board tells an interviewer in an interview that cricket brings people together mentioning that there are 20, Indian cricket fans. In a way she is right, the game does bring people from all over the world together; for example the prince of india mentioned in document 2.

Although, since it came from a cricket historians point of view, it gave more of a biased example. Any cricket historian could brag about how great the sport is, its obvious, but a historian on another sport would have been more of a reliable example. Cricket brought people from all over the world to watch a game of cricket.

As shown in document 2, the prince all the way from India came to England to join the Sussex team. Readers would see how much the prince loved the sport, and it would give them all the more reason to play the game. Cricket also playing a helping role in breaking up caste barriers. In document 4, a Popular Essays.e-BOOKS.

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AP® World History Free-Response Questions. (Suggested writing time—40 minutes) Percent of Section II score—33 1/3 analyze the relationship between cricket and politics in South Asia from to Identify an additional type of document and briefly.

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Accepting a lower caste Hindu in a higher caste cricket team is a turn in history. Even though cricket was a very uniting force, it was also the cause of rivalry throughout India. Cricket and Politics Rough Draft; DBQ Pre AP World History Revised Scholars can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing.

The point of view is interesting based on the source because it is an editorial. In an editorial, the writer is writing their personal opinion.

writing ap world history dbq cricket

Therefore, it is understandable as to why there is bias in this document. AP World History - DBQ Essay; Cricket World Cup; Recent Essays We will write a custom essay sample on DBQ Pre AP World. Nov 11,  · How to Write a DBQ Essay.

In the past, Document Based Questions (DBQ) were rarely found outside of AP history exams. However, they're now used in social studies classes across grade levels, so you're bound to take a DBQ test at some 50%(8).

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